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Over on the PMDG forum, Robert Randazzo, of PMDG Simulations has commented on the PMDG stance regarding the release of Microsoft’s trailer of their upcoming Flight Simulator 2020.

Having received many questions about possible developments for the new MSFS platform, in efforts to manage expectations of the community, Robert commented that although Microsoft has clearly been working on the title for some time, PMDG has received no more information on the release than the wider community. Randazzo recapped that PMDG had made contact with Microsoft in order to purchase FSX/ESP platform in the past, Microsoft favouring Dovetail Games for the franchise, and that Microsoft would be able to reclaim their original core code even after any advances were made, should Microsoft choose to re-enter the marketplace for simulation.

PMDG is ultimately taking the ‘wait and see’ approach to the news and development of MSFS 2020. A lack of information released by Microsoft regarding any features and their vision for aftermarket developments has restricted PMDG in making a ‘smart business decision’ to be made in terms of their development and support of their products for MSFS2020.

Randazzo, along with other developers has made comments in reference to Microsoft’s decision to develop add-ons themselves rather than allowing third-party developers access to their platform, possibly in the hope to sway Microsoft to include the option for third-party development.

If you would like to read the full statement made by Robert, you can find it here.

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