PMDG 747 Queen of the Skies II Updates Coming (And More)

Robert from PMDG today took to the forums to inform users that there will be soon be an update for their 747 Queen of the Skies that released around a month ago.

What’s new is that this update will be different from any update delivered by PMDG before. Gone are the days of long complete redownloads of the product,  but instead small incremental updates that update the files that have been changed. It’s been teased and mentioned before, but now it’s finally going to happen via the PMDG Operations Center. The new software update means that fixes can be issued monthly, daily or even hourly if required.

The first update will come for the 747 which Robert has promised will be “chock full of changes, improvements and fixes”, which  is surprising as the 747 was met with lots of praise and very few issues. The full list of fixes and changes will come soon, so don’t go asking just yet.

Of course, the NGX and the 777 will receive the same incremental update system in the near future.

The installers have been tested for a while and should be around in the next few days.

You can read the full forum post on the Avsim forums.

Let us know what you think via our Discord channel.


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