PMDG 747 P3D V4 Progress Update

PMDG’s CEO, Robert Randazzo has provided us with an update regarding the progress of the 747. He has said that in the final hours of testing a couple more bugs arose that needed to be fixed. These issues according to Randazzo were an annoyance, making the 747 a struggle to fly with it performing unpredictable actions.  This has lead to them holding off for just a little bit longer.

Randazzo claimed that he was off to get some sleep and will begin work again in the morning. With this in mind we hope to possibly see the 747 before the end of the weekend if all runs smoothly and the issues are ironed out.

You can find the full post here.

For now, why not enjoy some shots of the 747 from Jorge Moya in P3D V4 showing off the dynamic lighting?

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