PMDG 747-8 QOTS II Expansion Released

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PMDG has released their long-awaited 747-8 Queen of The Skies (QOTS) II expansion pack. This release brings Boeing’s latest iteration of the 747 into P3D v3-4, FSX and FSX:SE.

This product includes a host of new features which includes PMDG’s RainMaker, an electronic flight bag and much more behind the scenes. Alongside this release comes an update for the 747-400 base package which must be installed for the 747-8 expansion pack to work.

The 747-8 can be purchased for a price of $49.99 for FSX and a price of  $69.99 for P3D. These products are available on PMDG’s all-new website which comes at a great time to coincide with this new release.

To install the 747-8, you must first install the new 747-400 update which is available from your PMDG account page. To install this update, you must first uninstall the current version and then re-install with the new installer.

There are a few changes included with the PMDG 747-8 that differ from the 747-400, be sure to check out this video put together by PMDG’s Kyle Rodgers which explains some of the key changes that are included with this product and how you can utilise these new features.

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$70???????? F*ck off!

You Pay for the composite wings,ipad and engine chevron nacelles..oh you also pay for the raked wing tips…these things are very expensive to draw and program in a simulation…trust me i’m a helicopter pilot

Don’t get me wrong, I think the 747-8 is worth more than the 77w expansion for example

@Ryan Considering that the FSX version is 50 dollars? no.

Considering how much effort has been put into creating it, I’d say it’s worth it.

210 USD when you take the base-package into account.

Gladly passing this one.

It’s actually hilarious how triggered everyone is over the price. Get over yourself and realize nobody’s forcing you to buy the product. For the amount of work the dev team put it, it’s a fair price. Again, NOBODY is forcing you to buy it so stop being so upset about it.


$210 for an aircraft….. certainly leaves an unpleasant taste in the mouth for people that have numerous PMDG products, but not the 747-400

Well I just bought 12, not sure what you guys are doing but I make that kind of money before breakfast 🙂

I think this community needs to develop a sense of humour. When I need mine sucked from me completely I just visit Avsim.

People like this bragging about something that they may not have them selfes. You do not know what people’s individual circumstances actually are! House, bills & family life with kid’s comes before anything else

Is this guy serious ? Mate the ones that brag about money usually never have it. Show me your bank account and I’ll show you mine? If you don’t want to then sit down and stop shoving it in the face of people who might not be financially capable of forking that much for an addon due to other commitments.

Not everyone does though.

I remember watching a talk by RR of PMDG saying that they’d basically fucked up by developing the MD11 as sales were disappointing. I think he’ll look back nostalgically to that time when the dust settles because nobody apart from the avsim fanboys is going to buy this product. I’m certainly not. Not for $30 certainly not for $70. The real world aircraft is not wanted. The add on is just a waste of money

Eventually you will buy it 🙂

you mean eventually ill use it? but lets not go there

greed fueled by a bunch of no life fan boys will once again stagnate and suffocate this hobby.

im pretty much set with my purchases until prepar 5 (if that becomes a thing) anyway.

Wow, so “slightly more” than the other expansions is 70 instead of 30? Almost 2.5 times. That takes it from an immediate purchase for me. Let’s see the first reviews to find out if it’s really worth that. Basically the 800 is a 747 brought to 777 Standard. Of course if you use a plane all the time, 70 bucks is not that much compared to using a 30 USD addon airport from time to time.

The problem is, that at least in passenger flying, the 800 is hardly used…

Just remember, for the 20 of you that are upset about the price, there are 20,000 that have already bought it.

And 100 000 will wait and download the pirated version

True enough.

PMDG Defensive Force….ACTIVATE!!!!!

Don’t forget folks….. the $60 iFly 747 comes with a free -8 when it’s released. BOTH models for $60 total.

No proof, just biased conjecture. Got it.


Think about it,man. Not ONE single update or picture of their supposed 747-8. A visual clue was given a couple years ago or more – yes that long – at avsim but zero since.

Why? Zero interest in their 747-400.

Why would they release one now? It would be hopeless compared to the pmdg version.

They are waiting then will make a statement saying due to technical difficulties, it won’t be released.

They are busy working on the 737 only.

Trust me. No iFly 747-8.

” It’s been canned. “
Please provide proof of your statement. The iFly forum states nothing of the sort.
Their 747-400 is far from “light”. I’d wager you’ve never flown/owned it.

Hahaha, there IS no iFly 747-8. It’s been canned. No interest. Poor sales (I heard less then 1000 for the 747-400) and no access to important data.

At best it would’ve been a ‘light’ version like their -400.

Give up iFly fans. All 20 of you. LOL

“With a poor flight model,” And you are basing this on what exactly?

With a poor flight model, and artificial looking graphics. I agree PMDG is over priced but still

Oh,and also, does this mean we need to pay more just to get some lighting and better chances of finishing your flight and not having an OOM? I find that idea to be stupid. It’s like selling a car that would not be dangerous more than the same one with some items not included. CS also uses the same strategy. If you want to attract more people to the FS community, at least make it look like it’s a bit easier on the wallet. Some time ago addons used to cost around 60 USD. Fine. and now? Don’t tell me it’s the currency, because if you buy some biscuits 3USD and then they change recipe they can’t sell them 10USD. Or they will f*ck up. It’s not a matter of technology, nor quality, just a matter of how managers don’t think about the impact on their profit on sales. Either it’s because very few people buy it at whatever price, either people just don’t think there’s a problem about what things cost. I let you make your own state of mind about this. Now i’m goin’ back to my old NGX, until thew charge us 50 USD for some piece on winglets and some engines.

5 bucks for an upgrade?? pass…

stick with X-plane and stop complaining….

There is more drama now on Avsim than a bus full of drag queens going for a wig sale.

it will be soon cleansed, offenders banned and forum filled with happy people pouring money into pmdgs accounts

dont worry.

How don’t devs want to see their products cracked if they are way too overpriced anyways. Let’s be real. Okay, the A3XX pro is not finished, but hey, for 60 EUR it’s IMO way better than 200 for this sh*t anyway. I am very supportive. Look QW: they made the 787(3 variants) for 80EUR. Fine, again, needs fixes. But, TBH, who cares if the damn plane can operate like the real one on a single engine? I just want it to fly from A to B with a nice atmosphere. Didn’t devs get that in 2018? FS is a niche. I think Devs should understand the community a bit better on what WE want and not what THEY want to sell us. Come on Community, don’t let this niche die like the 747.

Nope, PMDG is not for you at all. There are FREE awesome alternatives as said by EstrayOne.
Will the admin ban this guy? I believe this community is committed to the zero-tolerance policy about software piracy discussions.

“I just want to fly from A to B with a Nice atmosphere”

Then pmdg stuff is not for you. Lots of awesome alternatives. (I love the qw787 btw it’s just nowhere near PMDG level simulation)

70 Dollar for an expansion? Where is this hobby heading? I’ll pass.

$50 for expansion?, I’ll pass.

Not a happy camper

Nobody’s gonna be paying anything because their site is more dead than the real life 747-8 program.

Can confirm: Trying to download the 744 update right now and the site is slower than the 747 assembly line

Yes, agreed, it’s overpriced. Also, PMDG should offer a stand-alone version which doesn’t require the base package for those who don’t own the -400.

What has flightsim come to? $70 for a product that you already need to have spent $135 on. That means in order to fly the 748 you need to have spent over $200. And we thought CaptainSim charging $30 for some engines was bad.

If we keep letting devs push the price up like this saying its only *slightly* more expensive; charging more for less, how long before we’re paying $150 for just some winglets or fancy rain effects?

I can think of way better things to spend the $70 on. Vote with your wallet. At least don’t go buy a certain professional airbus because we all know that one is not worth the price either LUL

Considering the 747-8 is a completely different aircraft to the 744, whilst all Captainsim give you is new engines, I think you have made a false equivalency

wheres my free give away

And whats with the giveaway ? 😀 i’ve said 2000Z :○

70$ is a joke. Hard pass. boycott!!!!

I have no problem with PMDG pricing the 747-8 higher than other expansion products. The 747-8 is a whole generation ahead of the 747-400. I DO have a problem however, with the difference in prices between the FSX and P3D versions. It’s basically PMDG giving us a f*** you

The lack of an upgrade price is just pure greed

I have to agree $210 is a big chunk of change. Hard pass.

No, too much for an upgrade. Ill pass on this too..