PILOT’S Releases Boeing Clipper Basic Version

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The Boeing Clipper by PILOT’S was originally released back in January as a ‘study-level’ experience for the flying boat. However, PILOT’S has now released a new ‘Basic Version’ that replicates the aircraft but without some of the complexities of operating the aircraft.

In the press release, the team said that the Basic Version allows “the novice to startup and fly the B314 without having to control the individual parameters of the generator, handpumps, fuel transfer, propeller feathering and tank water drainage.” The Basic Version of the plane has been designed to appeal to those not looking to want to commit to learning the aircraft inside out but would rather fly with this piece of history.

The first commercial Boeing B314 flight would take place nearly a year later, on February 23rd, 1939, on the so-called Foreign Air Mail Route #14, operating from San Francisco to Hong Kong. Following the airframe’s initial success, PanAm would take delivery of 9 airframes in total, initially running them on other lucrative long-haul mail and passenger services. Sadly, after WWII and a relatively short military career, the Boeing B314 Clipper would go on to find itself having become obsolete. The final scheduled PanAm Clipper service was operated in 1946, with BOAC, the only other airline to use them, following suit in 1948.

The Basic Version of the Boeing Clipper by PILOT’S will only cost a fraction of the Pro Edition and will set you back €29.95 from the PILOT’S store. If you then decide you want to have the full experience, you can then upgrade to the Pro Edition following the purchase of the Basic Version.

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