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PILOT’S Release Email Regarding The FlightSim Store

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PILOT’S are the latest developer / publisher calling upon people to stop purchasing products from The FlightSim Store. Much like other developers, PILOT’S also has not received any payment from the store for many months now. Furthermore, it has been confirmed that some of The FlightSim Store customers who had purchased PILOT’S products such as FS Global are now unable to download any files from their purchase.

In response to this, developer PILOT’S sent out an email addressing the situation and providing an option for those seeking to transfer their purchase to a different online vendor.

In this case, PILOT’S will enable customers to transfer their purchase from The FlightSim Store to simMarket for a small fee. The fee in question depends on the product. If you are looking to transfer FS Global 2018 the fee is 13 Euros, whereas for FS Global Ultimate, it is 16 Euros. This fee is a requirement from simMarket since large downloads are involved. Customers of The FlightSim Store will have the ability to recover this transfer fee, which covers the download bandwidth and transaction handling by simMarket, through a coupon discount that PILOT’S have put in place.

Those customers affected will have to head to simMarket and then the store page of the product they’re looking to transfer across. The coupon code provided in emails to customers must then be used at the checkout, this will discount the full price down to the purchase transfer fee. Once the transfer is completed, the old license from The FlightSim Store will be revoked.
What’s important to note is that the purchase transfer fee paid to simMarket is ‘recoverable’ via a discount coupon. PILOT’S will send a coupon code to customers within 72 hours of the transfer, which will deduct the amount paid to simMarket from any product purchased within the PILOT’S store.

The email states that this offer for transferring will expire on January 15th 2019.

We reached out to Stefan from PILOT’S to ask if they had been in contact with The FlightSim Store to remove their products from the web server, and he said “Yes, we have asked [The FlightSim Store] to stop selling our products. But of course this should not affect the ability of current customers to download their products. Unfortunately they [The FlightSim Store] seem to have cut off some users from downloading as well. That is why we offer the transfer.”

PILOT’S join a long line of developers retracting their support for The FlightSim Store and they are actively encouraging customers of The FlightSim Store to shop elsewhere. The problems for The FlightSim Store appeared to start back in May, when files were lost and many people were unable to download products they previously owned.


Thanks to NovaWing24 for providing us with a copy of the email sent to customers dated on October 26th. He, along with two other grumpy simmers discuss this during their latest podcast.

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