PILOT’S FS Global Real Weather Prepar3D v5 Edition Now Available

Pilots Fs Global Real Weather (1)

PILOT’S has released their FS Global Real Weather add-on for Prepar3D v5. The all-new utility will inject real-world weather into the simulator. This means weather such as upper and lower winds, various cloud types, turbulence, icing and more can be injected into the sim in real-time.

The weather information is taken from over 24,o00 weather stations across the world and then injected smoothly into your simulator with minimal disruption to your aircraft. Correct cloud types, temperatures, pressure changes and more will inject seamlessly into the simulator. Users can also inject live or historic weather to recreate weather conditions from in the past.

You can buy it now from simMarket for €38.00.


  • Easy and streightforward to use
  • Fast download of weatherfiles
  • Weather conceived out of real weatherdata of 24.000+ stations …
    • … based on land and at sea (=> correct weather over the oceans)
    • Correct cloud types (depending on available types in SIM)
    • Correct Upper Air Winds and pressures (no jumps!)
    • Correct Lower Air Winds
    • Correct ATC and AI traffic
    • Correct CAT
    • Correct Turbulence in/around clouds
  • Static, dynamic or file-mode
  • Historic weather (supporting static, dynamic or file-mode)
  • New weatherdata available on servers (approx every 15 minutes
  • Improved Stratus OVC
  • Flightplanner and Weatherreports
  • Network support via FSGRW NETWORK Bridge tool
  • Autostart using command line parameters
  • Local weather effects
  • Documented weather data format for weather use in add-ons
  • And more …
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