PilotEdge Sends Out Massive Update To All Platforms

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PilotEdge sent an email to the FSElite team that announced some updates coming to their software.

These updates allow PilotEdge to increase the amount of Sky High Charter scenarios and bring X-Plane a massive overhaul. PilotEdge expressed that because of the overhaul, they started to think about how they could input more changes for a more realistic and performance friendly experience.

Sky High Charters

Scenarios one and two have been posted to the site. It’s planned to add one scenario per month (one is viewable by anyone, while two requires you to have an active account with PilotEdge).

X-Plane V1.5.0 Overhaul

X-Plane V1.5.0 received a major overhaul. This overhaul allows VHF simulation with dynamic distortion based on location and altitude on the fly. A demo video is provided below but do keep in mind that PilotEdge did state that the software has “improved since that video was shot. In that video, the signal strength is calculated every 5 seconds. We are now doing it every second as of last week.”

Improved Handling
Formation flying as well as dynamic loading and unloading of visual models have been updated. These updates have given PilotEdge more freedom, allowing “massive server-side libraries of visual models with clients downloading new models on the fly in the background.” PilotEdge went on to tell us that this includes ‘asynchronous’ loading of visual models. This means that the 3d objects and textures are incrementally loaded in the background while the sim continues to run. The benefit of this is that the sim no longer pauses when it needs to load visual models based on traffic that’s within visual range. They went on to say that because of this, the amount of storage space that had been taken up prior  to this update will drop a significant amount.

If you would like to try out PilotEdge’s network, you can start your two week free trial here, or if you would like a full membership, the pricing is available on their Pricing and Plans page.

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Nick has spent the last decade simming in Seattle, where he lives with his family. He created the YouTube channel Flyboy31 to show off his mad love for flight simulation. When he’s not flying a sim, or posting about flying a sim, or planning the next flight he’s going to sim, Nick can often be found glued to his YouTube app watching other people fly a sim…or posting about flying a sim. Nick’s passion for flight extends beyond the screen, however. He is currently working towards earning his own pilot’s license because it’s always sunny at 36,000 feet.

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I must say that the timing of this update is perfect. I do have a small opinion that PE had already had this prepared and were ready to release it when the time was perfect. In this case, it was the whole POSCON deal. People started judging other networks, PilotEdge secondarily. So now, PE wants to show that they are better than what others think. And I agree.

Title says “all platforms” but text seems to focus on X-Plane. Is this sound update also for the FSX/P3d family?

Alex’s didn’t ask “What is better, XP or P3D” so please, so why would you even answer like that?

X-Plane is the future man, dont waste your time in arcade games pretending to be simulators!

Amazing what’s possible when there is profit. Funny VATSIM and PilotEdge is like capitalism vs communism. Hope y’all are paying attention (excuse the pun)

No idea how old you are or in which system and country you grew up but based on your comment I got a feeling that you have never felt on your own skin how the cogwheels of this system work, including the economy.

Really? And therefore comunism is the basis of all we have? Don’t forget that many, if not most, of the great payware developers started out as humble freeware developers, remember that before payware this hobby thrived on freeware, and even then there was “payware level” freeware. The hobby has evolved because there’s nothing wrong with being compensated by your efforts but freeware was also a driving force in development. The very first virtual cockpit was seen in FS98, by Bill Lyons, and it was freeware. The very first 3d clouds were seen before that (FS5.a? my memory could be wrong), and also freeware… I agree, profit is an incentive, but it’s not the only incentive. Without other incentives besides profit, our hobby wouldn’t exist as it does today.

And this update deserves a dedicated comment: this radio quality emulation according to receiving conditions is simply awesome. For a slightly radio nerd (someone who takes pleasure in capturing long distance stations and hand-building antennas to improve reception), this new feature is thrilling and I hope I can experience it in my P3D

too as I fly with PilotEdge.

Is this upgrade applicable only to X-planers? I’ve been trying PilotEdge as I fly a summer trip around the area covered and it’s nice to have human voices but so far (Seattle center) I think the controller sounds studio like (and also, it’s the same controller listening and controlling many different centers, towers and grounds, which is a bit weird (but understandable).

PE is the best network for sure, but imho is too expensive.

@Dan here is the thing: I live in Brazil and the currency here is fkd up. What I pay here It’s something around $130 for you.

Good for you, Dan but you don’t have to use such of language…

No please, lets not f**** the free VATSIM and free IVAO. IF it weren’t for them you wouldn’t have your precious expensive counterparts.

They could double the price and I’d still pay guaranteed for gate-to-gate coverage. Fuck VATSIM, fuck IVAO and definitely fuck POSCON.