Pilot Plus Now Publishing Through OrbxDirect

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Scenery developers, Pilot Plus has announced that they will be publishing their products through OrbxDirect. Pilot Plus is the latest developer to sign up to the Orbx partner programme to enable customers to download and update their products through Orbx Central.

Currently, the only product available via Orbx from PilotPlus is their recently released EGGD Bristol International Airport.

Bristol Airport, located in the south-west of the UK is home to various airlines such as easyJet, TUI, Ryanair and many more. The airport has seen huge growth in the past few years as regional flying becomes more popular. The Pilot Plus team has included all terminal buildings, custom ground imagery and also a new adaptive seasonal variation system which changes on the fly (depending on the month you’re flying in). Bristol Airport is available for $39,95 AUD.

The next airport to come from Pilot Plus is going to be their London Wycombe Airport, which has just entered beta.

Pilot Plus has confirmed to us that products will be published both by their own web store along with Orbx. Currently, licence transfers are not available to previous customers.

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