Phil Spencer On Microsoft Flight Simulator’s Return

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In an article for PC Gamer, Phil Spencer, executive VP of Microsoft’s gaming division, has made some comments regarding the return of Microsoft’s Flight Simulator (MSFS).

First of all, Phil talks about why they are making a return with their flight simulator. Some members of the team are pilots, aviation enthusiasts or flight simulator enthusiasts. This led to Microsoft saying: ‘Let’s see what we can do’. Of course, Microsoft wasn’t entirely new to the flight simulator market.

Leading up to E3, the team was looking at what they could bring to present at the conference. The team was showing some gameplay during the Xbox briefing, and people were very amazed by what they saw. There is a lot of technical innovation going on in the backend of Microsoft’s new flight simulator, using Azure AI to stick together 2 petabytes of geographical data to make the world around you look seamless. In the new simulator, a lot of steps have been taken to make the world around you look as realistic as possible using geographical data and real weather data. The footage shown at E3 was captured on Xbox, and it will look as amazing there as it will on PC.

Phil goes on to talk about Game Pass, Microsofts newly announced game subscription service. So far, we don’t know if MSFS will be available as a stand-alone game or only included in the Microsoft Game Pass ($4,99 per month).

The interview then goes on about other presentations made at E3 and more in-depth about Microsoft Game Pass. You can read the entire interview over at

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