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PerfectSoft Studio Releases Bouarfa Airport for MSFS

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Adventure seekers and discoverers rejoice! Being their first MSFS scenery project, PerfectSoft Studio has recently released their Bouarfa Airport (GMFB) via the simMarket online store, providing simmers with yet another intriguing aerodrome to fly to and explore.

Bouarfa Airport (GMFB) is a small regional airport located within the Figuig region of Morocco and mainly serves its namesake town of Bouarfa, located 2 kilometers to the field’s south-east. The city prides itself in being the capital city of the Banou Guils, a confederation of local tribes that settled in the region during the Middle Ages. Today, the town is mainly renowned for its local artisana and due to its close proximity to some of the region’s mineral mines, located out in the desert.

Bouarfa Airport (GMFB) was initially opened in 2006 and features a 3’200m long runway as well as a small domestic terminal building. Although able to accommodate up to 200’000 passengers per year, the airport currently sees no scheduled commercial services operating from its grounds.

Following the release of Bouarfa Airport for XP11 and P3D, scenery developer PerfectSoft Studio has recently also released a rendition of the field for MSFS, bringing this isolated and peculiar airport to MSFS users to fly to and discover. In addition to featuring an accurate rendition of the field in its present state, the scenery also comes included with 4k resolution textures, custom PBR materials, as well as custom-designed and placed taxiway signs and lighting. 

The scenery is now available for purchase from the simMarket online store and will set you back €9.48 E.x. VAT. 

Feature List

  • Accurate rendition of Bouarfa International Aiport (GMFB)
  • 4K resolution textures
  • Custom PBR materials throughout entire airport
  • Realistic shadow rendition on all 3D objects and ground with texture baking
  • Custom taxiway signs with hand-painted taxi marks
  • Realistic hand placed night lighting with floodlights and glows
  • Optimized for great performance and visual quality


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