PDISims Releases Vitoria-Foronda Airport (LEVT) for X-Plane 11


PDISims has released their rendition of the Northern Spanish airport Vitoria-Foronda airport for X-Plane 11.

Situated just South of Bilbao in the Basque country of Spain and 8 kilometres from its namesake village Antezana de Foronda, this airport is famous for its cargo transportation operations and scheduled flights from Ryanair in particular. Major cargo airlines such as Swiftair, DHL and ASL Belgium are often seen operating from here making it Spain’s 4th biggest cargo based airport. 

Included within this scenery package is the implementation of PBR for the high-resolution buildings and ground textures. 750 square kilometres of 1 metre per pixel ortho-imagery has been included with added effects of dynamic snow (When the temperature reaches 0) along with custom rain effects. Custom autogen will include the villages of Estarrona, Gereña, and Antezana de Foronda surrounded by custom vegetation both inside and outside of the airport vicinity.

The full feature list can be found below.

If you would like to add this scenery to your library then head on over to the X-Plane Store where you can buy it now for $24.50.


  • 750 square kilometres of 1 meter per pixel ortho-imagery, with dynamic snow when the temperature is below 0 degrees
  • 30 cm per pixel ortho-imagery inside the airport
  • 5-10 cm per pixel hand-crafted ortho-imagery in the car parks
  • PBR implementation (Buildings and ground textures)
  • High-resolution building textures with baked in ambient occlusion (and PBR)
  • Custom vegetation for the entire ortho
  • 3d vegetation inside the airport itself
  • Custom autogen for the villages of Estarrona, Gereña, and Antezana de Foronda
  • X-Plane’s default ground services
  • Custom snow effects
  • Custom rain effects (if it is raining when loading the airport, rain overlay will appear)
  • Custom snow effects (when the temperature is below 0 degrees, the default orthophotos will be replaced with snowed orthophotos. In addition to that, the rain overlay will be replaced with snow overlay)
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