Parallel 42’s The Skypark Introduces Costs

Skypark Costs

When we last spoke to Edson at Parallel 42 about the future of The Skypark, we tried to get him to spill the beans on how costs would be implemented with the newly implemented game modes. After all, flying any type of cargo has an associated cost and The Skypark is all about how you interact as a pilot within the virtual world. Now, at long last, The Skypark will introduce costs and payments for your trips across the world.

Going forward, users within The Skypark will be able to take on contracts with regular payments, but will now see fees and costs associated with them. Oceanic Air (an company within the ecosystem of The Skypark) has been set up to provide trasnport for pilots to get to new contract locations. When browsing for new contracts, you will see an overview of your estimated fees associated with moving around the world. Costs, fees and discounts will vary depending on variables such as distance and pilot reliability, adding a level of strategy to your experience with the app.

In addition to the new Oceanic Air section of The Skypark, a few other elements have been updated to help you understand the fees. Within CONTRAX, relocation range rings have been added to give you an idea on how much it’ll cost you to move between airports. Furthermore, the tabs have been update to show you your fees. This will ensure you always have the information you need right at your finger tips.

For the team at P42, this is a signiciant milestone. It opens up many possibilities for the future (such as passenger operations) and the team can now spend time ensuring there is a delicate balance between adding new gameplay whilst also providing a challenging environment. What P42 has made clear is that The Skypark will keep things as realistic as possible and never pay pilots a million dollars or more for simple 1-hour flights.

You can read more about the new Oceanic Air on the Parallel 42 blog. You can also read our interview with Edson from Parallel 42 here. If you haven’t done so already, you can buy The Skypark from Orbx Direct. It currently is on sale for $33.18 AUD (approximately US$25.60 | €21,34 | £18.43) for the next few days, before going back to the original price of $42 AUD (note that all prices do not include any local taxes).

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