Parallel 42 Releases The Skypark for Microsoft Flight Simulator

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Parallel 42 has released The Skypark for Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Skypark is Parallel 42’s answer to finding new places to discover and inspiring virtual pilots on where to fly next. The world will open up with various opportunities to transport goods and cargo around the world, with you as the pilot in control of which contracts to take next.

The primary way in which you will interact with the product will be with the included SkyPad, through their custom SkyOS. The tablet device features various applications enabling you to find contracts, track your progress, view your current money and also your reputation in this new world. Virtual pilots will be able to use the SkyPad to find contracts for a variety of airports with varying lengths or route types, which pilots should then complete in a timely fashion or risk having their reliability score damaged. You are also able to share with friends your contracts so that you can easily fly them together and earn money and reputation at the same time.

Whilst the release is marked as “early access”, the product is ready in a polished state, with the team harnessing how people use the application to improve it further. This refinement and continued development is why the “early release” caveat has been applied. It’s worth noting that from our discussion with the team, the price will go up in the future once it exits the “early release” state.

You can buy The Skypark by Parallel 42 from OrbxDirect for $42.00 AUD (approximately US$31.56 | €26,00 | £23.70). The product currently is available exclusively for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The news follows on from the developer walkthrough we shared yesterday, which gives you a look at how the product installs, functions and how to kick start your new virtual career.

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