Parallel 42 Announces 777 Immersion v2, End of the Line for v1


A new post on the Parallel 42 blog has today confirmed that a brand new 777 Immersion package is in development for the PMDG 777 series of aircraft. However, as a result of a new version of the 777 Immersion pack, version 1 will now be considered “end of line” by the development team.

777 Immersion v1 was released on December 17th 2014 and has received numerous updates since the product was first released as PMDG also updated their aircraft. However, that support will now end as the team prepare to release a brand new version of the immersion pack. As detailed in their blog post, this means that 777 Immersion v1 will not function with the newly released PMDG 777 update (nor the expansion packs), nor will there be any further development support or product support. However, if you still use the older version of the 777 from PMDG, then the Immersion pack will continue to work. It is also confirmed that the 777 Immersion v1 will now be sold for $10 USD and will still work for FSX users, P3Dv1-3 users and editions of the PMDG 777 that was released before the Feb 2021 update.

To conclude the news about the old immersion pack, it was confirmed that a new version of the 777 Immersion pack will be coming. Parallel 42 previously said that they “will cross the bridge when we get to it” and confirmed the bridge crossing has started to take place. No further details or expectations were made at this time. Of course, we’ll keep you informed of any new details should we learn anything new.

For now, check out the recently released The Skypark for Microsoft Flight Simulator, or catch up on the latest PMDG 777 update release information.

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