Introducing New Mysterious Scenery – Guess to Win a Copy


We were recently contacted by a new development group regarding a brand new scenery product that the two developers (who are also brothers) are creating. However, whilst they were kind to share some screenshots of their project, they were keeping us in the dark about which airport it actually is. After a bit of nagging and (basic) investigation, we determined what the airport is.

In terms of background on the developers, they are both knowledgeable in modelling and aviation – giving them the chance to try their skill at scenery development. The two bothers are keen to push the sim to the limits, especially in the advent of the new GPU technology currently being released.

We’re going to let you guys also have a bit of fun and guess which airport the product is going to be. If you think you know, pop it in the comments section below. From the right answers (if any), we’ll throw them into a random list picker and determine a winner from that and give them a free copy upon release.

The team aren’t ready to announce it completely just yet as they’re ironing out a few things here and there. Once they’re ready and give us the greenlight, we’ll let you know also. For now, enjoy the sneak peak. Right now, the airport will be released for P3Dv4, with a 32-bit version coming in the eventual future.

Calum Martin

The author Calum Martin

I have been an avid fan of Flight Sim since the release of '2000 and have been developing my love for aviation ever since. I have the knowledge and experience to really deliver an excellent aviation community. Although no real life flying experience, I have a good understanding and always learning more and more. | View My Specs

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definitely PAWG / Wrangell Airport


Wrangell Airport, PAWG

PAWG sorry it looks like

PWGA Alaska

Derek Rasmussen

Wrangell Airport (PAWG)

Michel Levesque

Agree for PAWG

PAWG Wrangell airport, Alaska – USA

KLAX v2.7134562

Wrangell Airport, PAWG

Fahad Al-Riyami

This is either PAWG or OMDB.

I’m gonna say OMDB.

I mean honestly, this is the laziest attempt at a giveaway. Good for the readers I guess.


PAWG Wrangell

Wrangell Airport

PAWG Wrangell, flew there last week irl. Sitka is prettier though

It is PAWG, Wrangell for sure.


PAWG, Wrangell Alaska

Yep, it is PAWG. I’d love to see a new Pacific Fjords version similar to one produced in the past, containing all of the airports in that area in high detail.


I think, using all my brain cells available to me that it is Wrangell Airport. I could be wrong.

PAWG airport! Cool place I flew Alaska in there years ago, really fun approach and amazing scenery!

Wrangell Airport (PAWG)

Jeff S (SomewhereSimulated)

Wrangell airport, PAWG

highspeed cruise




Wrangell Airport PAWG

PAWG indeed

Steven Williamson

It’s PAWG!

Wrangell Airport (PAWG)


PAWG, Alaska.

My guess at the mysterious airport scenery above would be PAWG Wrangell in Alaska.

Wrangell airport, PAWG

what the point of one getting it right and others follow with: aaa easy pawg….

I will leave a blank vote to support the person who first knew it.

Wrangell (PAWG)

Wrangell Airport (PAWG)

PAWG Wrangle AK! 🙂

PAWG, Wrangell Airport

PAWG, Wrangell

Razaan Botutihe



Wrangell, AK PAWG

Wrangell, AK (PAWG).

PAWG, Wrangle, Alaska

Wrangell, AK – PAWG/WRG

Wrangell, AK. PAWG/WRG

Wrangell, PAWK (bun)

Either Yakutat or Wrangle, Alaska.

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

guys next time be smart and show us a small part off the airport… like only the control tower or something…

Have you ever wondered why phone-in competitions are so easy? 😉

Wrangle, Ak

Definitely Wrangell, AK. PAWG Airport.

the Alaskan 737 gave half of it away ;)… Wrangell, Alaska PAWG airport!!

Yep, PAWG – Wrangell AK

PAWG – Wrangell Airport, Alaska


I beleive it’s Wrangell, I don’t know the exact ICAO


Wrangell – PAWG

Jose Angel Otero


PAWG – Wrangell Airport, Alaska

PAWG airport, also known as wrangell airport

InFInItyKiLL 33

It’s PAWG!

It’s PAWG. As far as I can see there’s only two main airports in AK with runways 10/28 and it’s not the other.

Wrangell, AK (PAWG).

C’mon man. This was too easy.

Is the Wrangell Airport (PAWG), located at Alaska.


PAWG? I mean I have XP11 so it doesn’t apply to me, but I hope this comes to XP soon.

Obviously Wrangell in Alaska PAWG!


PAWG. “Hole in the Ice”

PAWG! Man this is very exciting, been missing a scenery for that airport badly. Looks great, too!

Wrangell, Alaska (PAWG)


PAWG / Wrangell

yep should be PAWG, Wrangell Airport in Alaska


Wrangell. PAWG


Definitely PAWG, Wrangell, AK

Retry sure that’s PAWG in Alaska

Kenneth Peoples

I believe the “mystery” airport is Wrangell, AK (PAWG).


Wrangell. PAWG! And very well done, it looks like!

OK. so that was easy


Wrangell, no doubt.

Wrangell, Alaska. Yes please! 😀

Wrangell Airport (WRG) (PAWG) in Alaska would be my guess

Wrangell Airport PAWG, Alaska

Looks like Wrangell to me! I’m excited to do the approach

Wrangell airport in Alaska. PAWG.

definitely Wrangell Airport in Alaska


Wrangell Airport in Alaska (PAWG)

Looks like Wrangell airport

Is this Sitka airport in Alaska? (PASI)

Wrangell Airport
Wrangell Airport
Wrangell Airport
Wrangell Airport
Wrangell Airport
Wrangell Airport
Wrangell Airport
Wrangell Airport

Wrangell Airport … after lots of research i would say 🙂