Aerosoft Updates Mega Airport Frankfurt 2.0 Professional

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Developer Aerosoft has released version 1.10 of their Mega Airport Frankfurt Professional 2.0 software.

In a post on their Facebook page, the developer noted the update addresses some issues with the scenery, including fixing the misplaced docking systems, optimizing the dynamic lighting, and adding some missing buildings.

It should be noted that this update is a rather large download, coming in at 3 GB. The update can be downloaded via the site where you originally purchased the software.

1.10 Changelog

  • Missplaced docking systems
  • Missing shadows at some jetways, vehicles and buildings
  • Remove of powerline at 07L/25R when using ORBX
  • Remove streetlight from ORBX and other addons which generate streetlights
  • Add lost ILS and GP installation at the north runway
  • Optimized runway lights to remove color anomalies
  • Fixed wrong gate numbers at E5/E6
  • Optimize runway and taxiway lights
  • Add building 125 north of position V102
  • Add firestation and new building: Gateway Garden
  • Add optional Orbx GES season switching
  • Optimized dynamic lights
  • Change config tool add-on.xml, registration of the addon
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