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Overtorque Studios Announce YMMB Moorabbin for X-Plane


Over on the forum, a new group of developers named Overtorque Studios has announced their first freeware airport scenery, YMMB Moorabbin for X-Plane. 

Moorabbin is a large General Aviation airport to the southeast of Melbourne. The airport has around 250,000 aircraft movements a year which makes the airport the second busiest throughout the whole of Australia. The airport is home to King Island Airlines which fly daily hops back and forth to King Island. The airline uses 2 Embraer Bandeirante and 4 Piper Chieftains to run the route.

The announcement mentioned that the first development of the airport will be inline with the gateway project but when possible, the team would like to release a version 2 equipped with custom buildings and orthophotography. The initial release, however, will come complete with airport buildings and surrounding shopping and industrial areas, 3D vegetation including grass, up to date layout including new taxiways and custom parking locations to bring a true representation of the airport to X-Plane. Unfortunately, we were only given one work in progress shot but it does suggest the high quality that the release will be. 

At the end of the post, the developer also hinted that Moorabbin is not the only airport the team are working on and that there will be a further announcement in the coming weeks

There has been no promise on a release date, as we know, these things take time. Keep an eye on the development over on the X-Plane forum.

Feature List

  • Surrounding shopping & industrial areas
  • Wear & tear textures on runways & taxiways
  • Static aircraft
  • 3D Vegetation to bring the airport to life
  • Up to date 2020 layout (new taxiways)
  • Grass & No grass versions for performance
  • All flight schools & parking locations
  • Car parks & objects
  • Plenty of library objects to make the airport as real as possible
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