Origami Studios Updates London Gatwick to Version 1.1

Origami Studios Gatwick Xpl 11 (3)

A week after Origami Studios released their rendition of London Gatwick (EGKK) for X-Plane 11, they offer an update to version 1.1 on their website. The update mostly contains fixes and some SAM tweaks. Users can update their version to 1.1 via their iniBuilds Store account.

If you haven’t purchased this scenery yet, you can head over to the iniBuilds Store to buy your copy of London Gatwick for £19,99.


  • Added optional non-PBR objects to installation
  • Added exclusion zone in front of Boeing Hanger to try and eliminate trees
  • Added holding point J4
  • Adjusted UV mapping on Gatwick Shuttle tracks
  • Fixed gaps in glass on Pier 2 Modules
  • Added LODS to buildings
  • Culled a significant amount of lights at the south terminal car park
  • Reduced param size on the car park lights
  • Retract brickwork under Pier 2
  • Added window frames to Pier 4 for a bit more depth
  • Resolved draw order with the glass on the Airbridge
  • Removed doubling up of cars near Maintenance Area 1
  • Adjusted position of curved wall
  • Added Jetway to Stand 25
  • Made glass jetways blend transparent items slightly better
  • Made jetways more reliant on Zibo
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 12
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 104
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 105
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 552
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 553
  • Tweaked SAM parameters for 564
  • Fixed holes in roofs on Pier 6
  • Added LODs to some Jetway items
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