OrbxDirect Store and FTX Central v3 Coming November 1st


For some reason, this information slipped under the radar and has actually been confirmed by Orbx since early September. Regardless, if we missed it, then there’s a chance a lot of you guys did also.

Orbx have confirmed that their brand new OrbxDirect Store, as well as version 3 of their excellent FTX Central software will launch simultaneously on November 1st 2016. But what is it you ask? Well, quite simply, this is going to be where you will be able to buy all of your future Orbx products in the future, as they will no long appear on the Flight Sim Store website, AT ALL.

This is a MASSIVE shift of pace for everyone involved and Orbx will be the first publisher to provide an all-in-one system, which will allow seamless product updates, easy to download install and an account system meaning backups will be made easy. It sounds very “Steam” like, which is a great thing!

Whilst John’s post is rather detailed, I’ve done my best to summarise some of the important points:

  • There will be a NEW website launching on November 1st as well, where you can download directly from.
  • FTX central will provide almost 1-click purchases across all sim platforms.
  • If you have already purchased products from the Flight Sim Store, then you will need to migrate your account across to the new OrbxDirect Store, to enable you to download updates / reinstalls of your older products
  • Going forward, it would appear that old FSS installers will no longer work
  • OrbxDirect will only accept PayPal, Visa, Matercard and Amex credit and debit cards. Also, the FSS applid AussieX 5% discount won’t be available. However, student and senior discount will be available at some point
  • There is no longer the need for product codes, serial numbers etc, as there are no wrappers involved. Simply click download, and FTX Central v3 will do the hard work.
  • Internet connection will be required to install.

Using as much Orbx scenery as I currently do, this is absolutely going to make the tiresome experience of installing and purchasing so much easier.

If any further information comes out, then we’ll let you know. If not, see you November 1st!

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