OrbxDirect and FTX Central v3 Announced


Orbx have already announced new scenery for Flight Sim, but that hasn’t stopped them from revealing their future plans.

Today, they have revealed that they will stop using the FlightSimStore as a means of distribution of their products. Yes, this is huge news, considering the long relationship the two partners had. However, what it means for us, is that we will now have a direct means of downloading products, straight from their new site, OrbxDirect.

The new store will be completely made from the ground-up, allowing users to purchase products either through Credit Card or PayPal. We’re told that any products purchased in the FlightSimStore will also be transferred to you after you accept for Orbx to use your credentials. The idea is to make things as simple as possible, ensure that support is given to those who need it and that updates will be even more accessible then ever.

Alongside this, Orbx will be updating FTX Central to version 3, which brings a new User Interface, more features and the ability to sync with OrbxDirect to ensure products remain robust and up-to-date. Also, your entire FTX library can be downloaded direct from FTX Central v3. This possible could mean a button labeled “install all” and all of your products are downloaded, installed and running – especially after the release of the unified DLL.

So when will this happen? August, apparently.

Things are getting very exciting for Orbx users, but some questions do remain about the new store:

  • What will download limits and speeds be like?
  • Will discount still be applicable for those entitled to it?
  • Will the store support multi-part downloads?

As soon as we find out more, we will let you know.

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