Orbx Update on TrueEarth Ireland/Northern Ireland


In response to a question on the Orbx forum, John Venema has provided an update on how TrueEarth Ireland/Northern Ireland is coming along.

John has said that a large chunk of Northern Ireland ortho imagery is on the way to Orbx which will actually be a part of the up and coming TE GB North rather than being standalone like the FTX region.

As for the Republic of Ireland, John mentions that their ortho provider is nearly finished with flying the imagery zones with their aircraft and is waiting for them to supply the imagery. It’s not known when the imagery will be supplied so work can commence on the Republic of Ireland although it is estimated to be mid-2019.

Just like the United Kingdom series of TrueEarth add-ons, Ireland will eventually be compatible with Aerofly FS2 and Prepar3D.

We don’t have much more information on TrueEarth Ireland/Northern Ireland, however, we will endeavour to keep you updated.

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