Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain South 1.1 Update


Orbx developers have rolled out version 1.1 of TrueEarth Great Britain South adding a handful of new features and fixing various user reported bugs.

A new feature is a control panel which allows the user to manage over 135,000 objects to improve the density in the surrounding area or improve performance. In addition to the control panel which can be used to optimize your simulator, Orbx has revised autogen buildings that reflect the region to be more optimized so you may not need to sacrifice builds and other objects for performance. Many of the custom footprint building models have also received their own adjustments and corrections.

To view the announcement yourself, it is available on the Orbx Forum. To update, simply open FTX Central and update TrueEarth Great Britain South via there. This update is for P3D v4 only.


  • We have added a Control Panel which allows you to manage more than 135,000 objects
  • Autogen buildings have been revised and optimized to more accurately reflect the region
  • Adjustments and corrections have been made to the models of custom footprint buildings.
  • Fixed various user reported bugs
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