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Orbx TrueEarth Great Britain for P3Dv4 – South V2, Central and North Due Soon

Orbx True Earth Gb P3d (18)

Orbx released TrueEarth Great Britain on Prepar3D V4 back in February. At the time, users reported that performance wasn’t quite up to the standard that was expected. Orbx then confirmed that a V2 was in the works to change that and also offer a more complete experience. Announced on the forums, Version 2 of TrueEarth Great Britain South will soon be released along with Central and North.


The TrueEarth Great Britain series originally released on X-Plane 11 with the South of the UK being covered. Areas such as London, Bristol, Brighton, Devon and parts of Wales were included and the new technology meant that orthoimagery could be used with copious amounts of data to accurately place buildings, trees and other important landmarks. Both Central and North then followed then completing England, Wales and Scotland.

Orbx has confirmed that a significant amount of work has gone into this new version, which has focused heavily on improving performance for users. “New techniques have been discovered to improve the autogen, along with giving users the choice to use the simulator’s settings to adjust scenery density depending on their personal system,” said Ed on the forums. These updates for the new version of TrueEarth GB South will also be carried to Central and North when all three are released.

The new version of South will be released as a free update for existing customers. It’s worth noting that Orbx’s TrueEarth Great Britain South is currently on sale via the Orbx End of Year Sale, so now is a good time to pick up a copy in anticipation for the new free update.

Feature List

  • Hand corrected, crisp, color-matched aerial imagery
  • *New* Configurable options for those looking for additional performance gains
  • Accurate building shapes to precisely match the ortho imagery footprints
  • Millions of trees at the correct height and location
  • Buildings at the correct height and location
  • VFR landmarks such as masts, windfarms, churches, power-lines, castles, stadiums and lighthouses
  • Hundreds of custom-modelled 3D POIs
  • Hand-placed and custom modelled landmarks
  • Sharp and detailed 10-meter mesh for South & Central and 20-meter mesh for North
  • Superb watermasking along the entire coastline
  • Summer season only with full night-lighting supported
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