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Orbx Showcases New Previews Of openLC Africa

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Orbx founder John Venema has posted today a series of screenshots of their upcoming openLC Africa. Delayed several times and unheard of since last summer, openLC Africa appears to be still on track for release. It is to be noted that the project has not yet entered beta phase and cautiously, Venema has not announced any time frame. The screenshots show various cities and countryside landscapes across 9 countries, which you will find below. The showcased screenshots represents some of the typical African layout for villages and bush land. It will be a very welcome addition for those flying in Africa, a market usually considered secondary by scenery designers. It is to be noted that the Arabic Peninsula, geographically considered as an Asian subcontinent, is here included in openLC Africa, and that junction will be made with the upcoming openLC Asia.

The screenshots are set here by country, in alphabetical order.






Saudi Arabia

South Africa



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