ORBX Showcase Bilbao (LEBB) v1.1

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ORBX has shared some preview screenshots and information on the upcoming v1.1 update for Bilbao (LEBB). The announcement was made via a forum post this morning.

ORBX announced a service pack for the scenery last year and have decided to take it further. You can find our review on the scenery here. New high-resolution terminal and ground textures have been added in addition to SODE gates. The approach for runway 12/30 has also received an upgrade with 200 new building types and variations added. Mountain ranges are now included in the southern approach adding to the realism of the scenery not to mention the inclusion of other various fixes and tweaks. Sadly there was no mention of a release date but we do have a feature list. Some update features will not be available in FSX due to technical and memory limitations.

That’s all we have on Bilbao for now. We’ll be sure to update you with any new information as soon as it becomes available. In the meantime enjoy the official feature list along with these awesome screenshots.

Feature List

  • New high-res textures for terminal area
  • Completely new high-res ground textures with normal maps
  • SODE-gates
  • Approach for runway 12/30 has gotten a massive upgrade with roughly 200 new building types and variations making the whole area come to life
  • The southern approach has now has mountain ranges and wind farms, making the whole descent a new experience
  • An ambient light effect has been added to the whole city creating a mind-blowing night scenario
  • New water puddle effect at the airport
  • New crisp terrain features at the terminal area
  • Upgraded cargo area
  • New AFCAD by Urmel that better reflects real life operations and is optimized to be AI-friendly.
  • Various small fixes
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