Orbx Releases EU England TrueEarth Preview Trailer #2 For X-Plane 11

Orbx took the wrapper off the second trailer for their upcoming EU England TrueEarth product for X-Plane 11 and the footage is stunning.

In a post on their forum, Orbx CEO John Venema revealed what he said is the final sneak preview trailer for their product, giving us a look at footage from the midlands and the south of England currently in alpha build. He said Orbx plans on adding more detail and features in the coming months, but that we won’t see anymore previews until the product is in beta testing ‘a little while from now’.

With gorgeous visuals on display in the EU England TrueEarth trailer, Venema also mentioned that the Orbx team is turning their attention to the equally gorgeous Netherlands TrueEarth product release for P3D.

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