Orbx Release San Diego

We have been waiting for this product for quite some time now. But the time has finally come and San Diego has been released. We have been reporting some of the updates through it’s development progress and are pleased that it is now out. This scenery comes as a needed replacement for LatinVFR’s rendition of San Diego which was getting quite dated. Although in no means was a bad product.

The product comes at the price of $39.95 AUD and can be purchased through Orbx’s website. A respectable price considering the coverage area of this addon with photoreal scenery included for the whole of the San Diego Metropolitan Area as well as highly detailed buildings and autogen. Something we also often don’t see within Orbx products is animated jetways but this time they have been included. Hopefully we will see this feature in more Orbx products to come.

I am certainly very impressed by the looks of this product and will most certainly be picking it up for myself. You can certainly expect a review on this product within the near future from us at FSElite.