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As we reported yesterday, Prepar3D v4.5 is nearing internal beta testing. This information came to light from an Orbx developer discussing the extremely long load times due to massive amounts of custom objects present in these high detail, and large scope, scenery packages.

While P3D 4.5 was certainly the biggest news that came from the post, there was a plethora of additional information on a patch coming to CityScene Orlando. This patch is targeted at users running the FSX or P3D v3 versions of the scenery who won’t be benefiting from the improvements coming in v4.5.

Orbx has been looking at general optimizations for the CityScene Orlando project for the past few weeks as well as alternative configurations that could potentially help FSX and P3D v3 users. It was said that these alternate configurations have the potential to shorten load times by “about 3x-5x”. This can be achieved by toggling whether or not the user wants custom object models to be used for residential buildings or autogen. Making this switch would, of course, reduce the detail of the package somewhat, but it will certainly help alleviate the long load times that these users are currently facing. In addition, the patch will fix the loss of jetways at KMCO.

The patch for CityScene Orlando is expected to go into beta testing in the next few days, with a release (hopefully) taking place within a week or so.

That was all about the upcoming patch, but be on the lookout for the release of the update here in the next week or so, if all goes to plan. Be sure to keep an eye out for our review on CityScene Orlando as well, which will follow our new review structure.


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