Orbx Previews Products Coming to Microsoft Flight Simulator and Pricing Strategy


In a huge post over on the Orbx forums, the scenery development studio has given us a huge look into what products they are currently working on  for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Alongside airports, Orbx has announced a new series called Landmarks which will start covering cities in even more detail than what the base simulator will provide. Alongside the previews, a new pricing strategy has been announced during the launch window with products now costing less than $20.00 USD.

Orbx announced that at launch, or shortly after, there will be several products from the Orbx team which will be ready to buy through OrbxDirect and the upcoming Microsoft FlighSim Marketplace. As mentioned before, the pricing for these products will range from $7.99 USD to $19.99 USD. If you are a previous owner of the product for either Prepar3D, X-Plane or Aerofly FS 2, you will get a 40% saving on those products. It’s worth noting that the products need validating in order to get the discount and thus will only be available via OrbxDirect.

As for the products, in total eight were shown off including classics such as Innsbruck (LOWI), London City (EGLC) and a new product called Landmarks London. Let’s dive into each of them now.

London City (EGLC)

Pricing: US$14.99. (US$8.99 for existing customers)

The regional airport sat in the heart of London is known for its steep and challenging approach over the iconic city.

Landmarks London City Pack

Pricing: US$7.99.

A new product range from Orbx. This pack will feature hundreds of iconic London buildings and landmarks from the city directly into the simulator itself. This will greatly enhance the city of London.

Innsbruck Airport (LOWI)

Pricing: US$19.99. (US$11.99 for existing customers)

The classic airport from Jarrad Marshall will combine a detailed airport with a stunning surrounding city to bring the challenging airport to life.

Leeds Bradford Airport (EGNM)

Pricing: US$17.99. (US$10.79 for existing customers)

Thie regional airport combines natural countryside beauty with a great looking small airports perfect for flights with the included Airbus aircraft.

Orcas Airport (KORS)

Pricing: US$17.99. (US$10.79 for existing customers)

Developed by Andreas Hegi, this is a complete rebuild of the original scenery for those looking for some flying in the Pacific Northwest.

Tacoma Narrows Airport (KTIW)

Pricing: US$12.99. (US$7.79 for existing customers)

A great place for general aviation nuts to explore. Seattle-Tacoma International airport is just a few miles away meaning you can enjoy hearing the sounds of plenty of other traffic as you buzz around this smaller airport.

Hollywood Burbank Airport (KBUR)

Pricing: US$17.99. (US$10.79 for existing customers)

One of the more recent releases from Orbx on Prepar3D is already coming to the new Microsoft Flight Simulator. Take off from the regional airport and head straight to the Hollywood sign and see the rest of Burbank.

Santa Barbara Airport (KSBA)

Pricing: US$14.99. (US$8.99 for existing customers)

Set against the Santa Ynez Mountains in Southern California, this is another detailed regional airport that is regularly serviced by A320s and business jets. This airport is developed by Misha Cajic.


That wraps up everything from the forum post. As always, we’ll continue to watch for any developments.

What do you think of the new pricing strategy and product line-up?

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