Orbx Orcas Island for MSFS Updated to Version 1.1.0


An extensive update for Orbx’s Orcas Island (KORS) on Microsoft Flight Simulator has been released via Orbx Central. The new update adds new features, improves various parts of the airport and also fixes some issues reported by the community.

New additions to the airport scenery include new airport signage, additional points of interest and a new helipad at the medical heliport near the airport itself. Furthermore, Runway End Identifier Lights (REIL) have been added to both runway ends making those approaches more realistic and a bit easier.

Along with the new features, various improvements have also been made to the airport product. Road textures and various parts of orthophotography have been cleaned up, whilst glitchy static aircraft have been removed. Furthermore, there are new and improved cars and trucks in the area and additional parking spots for aircraft have been added.

The update is freely available to download through Orbx Central now. If you don’t already own Orbx’s Orcas Island for Microsoft Flight Simulator, you can buy it for $17.99AUD from Orbx Direct.


  • new fence and gates at the storage area north east of the airport
  • new light beams at night at the FBO and a couple of additional hangars
  • new REIL lights at both rwy ends
  • new signs at the airport
  • new helipad lamps at medical heliport
  • new look out tower at Mount Constitution
  • new antennas at Mount Constitution
  • replacement for the gate at the biplane hangar
  • clean up road textures
  • clean up at the marina (removed boats and piers of the orthophotography)
  • new trees at places with no trees
  • new improved cars and trucks
  • new reflecting windows on custom cars
  • plane parking connected to taxiway
  • new additional parking for aircrafts
  • removed static airplanes as they “jumped” in the air getting closer
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