Orbx openLC Asia for P3D Coming in 2021

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openLC Asia from Orbx has never really been a straight forward product release from the development team. However, today Orbx has confirmed that openLC Asia will start to see a release in 2021. The coverage will be one of the most expansive yet and consequently will be released in three parts.

Area 1 of openLC Asia would cover areas such as India, Iran and Afganistan. Area 2 focuses primarily on Russia. Finally, Area 3 would cover countries such as Japan, Indonesia and China. The reason the development of this huge area is being split into three is due to the diversity in landclass data and textures, along with the need for developing new autogen models. In particular, Area 3 poses the biggest challenge of them all and thus releasing last.

In terms of release dates, Orbx is still a little unsure about the exact time frames due to the complexity in developing such large areas. That said, Area 1 is anticipated to be in testing in December with a release in the first quarter of 2021. Areas 2 and 3 are then looking to be delivered over the next 8-12 months.

As for pricing, Orbx has said that Areas 1 and 2 will release as “early-bird” pricing that will give you the whole product once it is completed. So if you buy Area 1, you will get updates until the product is eventually completed, thus meaning the sooner you jump in on the bandwagon, the cheaper the product will be for you. Updates will, of course, be delivered effortlessly through Orbx Central.

The rollout for openLC Asia from Orbx is an interesting one, but at least it appears to be in a good place to finally come out for the community. Whilst there are no previews as of yet, we eagerly await more good news as testing commences next month.

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