Orbx NZGS Gisborne Airport Released

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When you think of stunning scenery, you probably don’t think of New Zealand as a possible location, and if that’s the case you’ll want to pick up the brand new NZGS Gisborne Airport by Orbx to give yourself an excuse to take flight in the land of the long white cloud.

The all-new scenery by Finni Hansen is the first Orbx airport product to utilise the CityScene technology seen in products such as CityScene Barcelona and CityScene Gold Coast. What this means, is that the entire city of Gisborne is included and accurately depicted with a vast amount of autogen across the region, as well as Young Nick’s Head mountain, dynamic lighting (P3D v4) and an animated vintage steam train.

NZGS Gisborne Airport is available right now for FSX and P3D from OrbxDirect & FTX Central at a cost of AUD $32.95. Please note that it also requires NZ North Island to function as intended.

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