Orbx Global Vector Released for Prepar3D V5

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Orbx has released one of their popular ‘Global’ add-ons, Vector, for Prepar3D v5. Global Vector for P3Dv5 is completely new build, based on VECTOR for older version of P3D and FSX. Orbx has changed a few things in the new product, even though it’s still using the same data under the hood. According to Orbx, the features of Global Vector are now more configurable, and the add-on also uses custom road and shoreline textures to integrate better with other Global products.

Another big change to Vector is the removal of the airport elevation adjustments. This tool is not compatible with Prepar3D v5, since the new simulator version uses more accurate and up-to-date data for its airports. Furthermore, many airports have seen their ICAO code changed in P3Dv5, which would cause issues with duplicate airports using Vector’s airport elevation adjustments.

Orbx Global Vector – Prepar3D v5 is available right now for $49.95AUD from Orbx Direct. However, customers of Global VECTOR (FSX, P3Dv1-4), can upgrade for free.


  • More accurate coastlines, rivers, lakes and other water bodies
  • Motorways, freeways, main arterial roads, roundabouts with specific underlays and skirtings
  • Golf courses, city parks and forests
  • Extrusion bridges and tunnel entrances
  • Tram lines where applicable, railway lines and railway yards
  • Power lines using default models
  • Ports and docks using concrete textures
  • Made to use with Global Base
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