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Orbx EU Netherlands TrueEarth For P3Dv4 Released


Orbx has turned their attention away from their new-found love of X-Plane to release EU Netherlands TrueEarth for Prepar3D v4, available now.

TrueEarth is a new product line that has been previewed a number of times leading up to this release, with the Netherlands being the inaugural TrueEarth release. The main difference between this and other regional products previously released is that the ground textures are made up of 1m resolution aerial photography (not to be confused with “ortho”, or satellite imagery) – this allows greater ability to edit said imagery with colouring, balance and imperfection removal (such as clouds and reflections), thus producing a much more vivid and realistic looking ground texture.

TrueEarth is not just a ground texture replacement though. Also included is the new CityScene technology that was first seen in the CityScene Gold Coast product back in February, and in EU Netherlands TrueEarth this means the major cities are covered in CityScene buildings which have more detail and accuracy than standard autogen. In total, users can expect a whopping 127 cities, towns and urban areas to be covered with these CityScene buildings. Of course, the entirety of this is covered with 3D night lighting and night ground textures.
To go along with these bustling cities created by CityScene, EU Netherlands TrueEarth has custom landmarks scattered throughout, as well as accurate vegetation and roads, with those roads being filled by AI traffic throughout the country.

There’s no use in having all of this beautiful countryside and cityscape though, if it’s all flat and boring, right? That’s why EU Netherlands TrueEarth is also packaged with ultra HD 5m elevation mesh. The detail in this mesh is so great that you can see the sand dunes on the beaches or the on-ramps to highways in the cities.
Speaking of detail, Orbx has gone so far as to custom model all of the major bridges throughout the country, with the less major ones receiving an accurate regional match to look the part. Nothing worse than having standard autogen sticking out like a sore thumb, right?

The package is value for money too – not only do you get 85,000km2 of photoreal terrain and UHD mesh, included in the package is 43 updated airports throughout the country, plus an additional 18 that aren’t even listed in the default scenery.

Any willing purchasers should also keep in mind that John Venema, Orbx CEO, recently told the company forum that this download will weigh in at a massive 77GB, and will require a total of 154GB of free disk space in order to download and install. See the full details in our recent article covering these pre-requisites here.

EU Netherlands TrueEarth by Orbx is available now for P3D v4, with 32-bit FSX and P3D v1-3 becoming available at a later date (though the same license will allow installation on 64-bit and 32-bit ESP platforms). For full details, and to purchase for AUD$54.95 (~USD$42 / £30 / €34), visit the Orbx website.

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