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Orbx have send out an email to their customers in regards to their recently released FTX Central 3. Orbx is limiting the maximum number of downloads per day to one. This is done to prevent an overload on their servers, as people have started to re-download all their scenery packs.

Orbx also states that this measurement is not in effect for any scenery purchased after November 1st and that they are working on a solution to this problem. This measurement is only temporary, although no time limit was given.

Some community fora have already spoken out against the e-mail, calling certain parts of it unnecessary and the tone of the e-mail downright condescending.


Update Nov 11, 14:36

Orbx has send out an apology for their e-mail, along with some clarifications and explanations. The email starts with

Good morning,

Following replies to yesterday’s announcement I now realise that I should have handled it better. I apologise if I have offended anyone or if my actions have caused a loss of trust. As a team we are very proud of what we’ve built with OrbxDirect and we want everyone to be able to enjoy the best purchasing and add-on management experience possible.

and continues to give some more in depth information as to what is and what isn’t limited for customers through FTX Central v3.


screenshot is only partial

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