Orbx Communicates First Volanta App Development Update


Seasoned scenery developers Orbx have released a first development update for the brand new Volanta App on their forums. A few weeks ago, Orbx told the world about this new personal flight tracker app, that will join the ProjectFly and SimToolkitPro ecosystem, integrating flights across all simulators, with as less red tape as possible for the users. The basic version will always be free, but premium features will be added later on.

In their post, they thank everyone for their valuable input, which has made it possible to add the most requested features and start invite-only beta testing soon, and for which they mention they still accept your application. The tests will start with a small number of testers, which will be expanded in batches.

Orbx is excited about the new features they’ve added, being support for DCS World and AeroFly FS2, a request that was sounding louder and louder from the community, and the ability to have better control over the aircraft in your Volanta fleet. Also, extra attention was paid to the process of importing data from other flight trackers.

Pending the release of the Orbx Volanta App, visit the Orbx forums to keep abreast of their progress, and other projects they’re working on.

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