Orbx Comments on Landmarks London City Pack Following MSFS World Update III


When the new Microsoft Flight Simulator World Update was released earlier this week, a comment was left at the bottom of the official blog post highlighting that Orbx Landmarks London City Park would be incompatible should you download the pack.

On the official Orbx forum, the team has passed comments for what they are doing for customers who own the product. It is confirmed by Orbx that Landmarks London City is currently incompatible due to conflict with overlapping buildings and the custom terraforming files. It was confirmed that is currently working on a separate pack for those who use Microsoft Flight Simulator with World Update III: United Kingdom and Ireland. This package will be free of charge for those who previously purchased the London City Pack and will be made available within a week through Orbx Central. Those who purchased via the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace will have to wait a little longer due to the approval queue set by Microsoft Flight Simulator.

To confirm, there will be two packages in a single product; one for the non-UK update and one for the UK update. You will be able to activate or the other regardless of whether you have the UK update installed or not. This will be free to all customers.

Furthermore, a “comprehensive” update service pack will be released in a few weeks time adding additional landmarks to both packages.

Orbx said that whilst we await the new update, you will need to uninstall Landmarks London City Pack in the meantime either through Orbx Central (if purchased via OrbxDirect) or via the Content Manager tool in the simulator if purchased through the Marketplace.

In the meantime, you can buy Landmarks London City for Microsoft Flight Simulator for a discounted price as part of the current UK Region Sale being held by Orbx. Get 30% off until February 25th 2021.

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