Orbx Central 4.1 Now Available via Fastlane

Orbx Central 4.1 Fastlane (1)

Just a few hours ago, Orbx released a beta version of Orbx Central via Fastlane, bringing the version to 4.1.

Ben McClintock laid out a basics of what this update brings and went over its main features. They said that a lot of the process for refining and updating Central was listening to the feedback of the community and also their staff. They also wanted to improve Central for their 3rd party partners.

To start, the user interface has gotten a fairly big face lift. (Old on the left, new on the right)

Starting at the top, there a four separate categories. “Store” will list all of the products available on Central, if you own them or not. “Partners” will only show the products from 3rd party partners. “Discover” brings up the new interactive map. “My products” shows only the products you own.


There is also a new search bar on the top right of the program. You can search for airport codes, airport names, you name it, for the products available though Central. Airports in packs, like ESSA, can also be searched for.

When looking at a store page, there is a new way to tell which products you own, have installed, and need updating. If there is no circle to the right of the product name, you do not own it. If there is a grey circle, you own the product, but it is not installed. If there is a green circle with a check mark, the product is installed and up to date. A orange circle with an exclamation mark means an update is available for that product.


The downloads queue has also been updates to include not only the products your downloading, but will also show pending updates.

The discover page is one of the most anticipated features for the new central and is a way to view all of the Orbx products on one map. On the map, regions and airports you own will show up in purple, and the rest in grey. Airports and regions that have discounts applied will show up in red. Clicking on a product will show details about that product, and points of interest (POIs), bouns airports, helipads, etc. When selecting a region, it will display blue markers, and these are either POIs or airports included with the region.

To be able to get this beta update, you need to be opted into Fastlane. To opt into Fastlane, go to settings in Orbx Central, My Account, and opt-in to Fastlane. You are able to opt-out at any time.

Be sure to check for more info from Orbx when it becomes available here, or on the Orbx Forums and feeds.

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