Orbx Bilbao (LEBB) – More Previews of the Stunning Spanish City

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Since we interviewed Marcus for Developer Month about Bilbao, we have been extremely excited to see the product come along in development. Development has been steady for a while, so it’s no surprise to see the previews below showing as much detail as they are. The Spanish city  is known for it’s interesting terrain and harbours so we’re keen to fly our airlines and GA aircraft in there.

Over on the Orbx forums, Marcus gave some more insight into what we can expect from the product when it’s released. As for when that will be, we’re not sure yet, but he did say that the project is moving onto the next phase with beta testing ti commence, followed by night-lighting, cross platform installers and optimisation.

The scenery itself will include the whole city of Bilbao, with around 300,000 – 400,000 hand placed buildings and trees scattered around. This will include the famous Iberdrola skyscraper complete with functional helipad. For heli-pilots, you’ll be pleased to know that you’ll also be able to land on some nearby tanker ships situation in the fully modelled harbours. The airport itself will benefit from high-resolution scenery, internal modelling, movable gates and other small details including people, objects and vehicles.  It’s sounding like an incredibly detailed package. You can see that in the previews below!

I’ve left the 20+ preview shots below, and the feature list afterwards.

– The whole city of Bilbao updated with high-resolution mesh and hand placed 300 000 – 400 000 thousand of buildings and trees (my hand still hurts).
– The Iberdrola skyscraper with its helipad, fully functional of course.
– High resolution mesh
– The whole harbour with industries, ships, windturbines, etc.
– High resolution photoscenery for the whole city.
– BILBAO AIRPORT. Yes, sorry, that was probably the most important thing!
We have worked so, so much on this and it’s been a huge challenge with the advanced architecture and terrain. But yeay, we made it!
– Internal modeling of the main terminal
– Moving gates
– Lot’s of small details, people, vehicles.
– Tanker ship with landable helipad.
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