Orbx Announces FTX Innsbruck


Yes, we are NOT kidding… today will probably be known as Innsbruck day. After the shock announcement and RELEASE of JustSim’s Innsbruck today, Orbx have announced FTX Innsbruck, a rather LARGE coverage area of the city. [Not a full blown region as I initally reported – Thanks Ben for clarifying!]

I’m still in shock as I type this!

Anyway, unlike JustSim’s airport, we can expect massive detail of not just the airport, but the full area around Innsbruck. In addition to the airport, we’ll be treated to major landmarks in the city, the Innsbruck Air Resecue heliport and even the Hat Tux Heliport / Alpin 5.

Being an FTX region, this will blend in perfectly with the upcoming North Germany products, as well as openLC EU and of course FTX Global.

In terms of technology, we will see custom seasonal files, which will mimic the altitude-based snowlines on top of mountains.

FTX Innsbruck will see over 2500sq KMs covered, ar 1m, 60cm and 30cm detail of the main areas, in addition to a large extended range. We’ll see thousands of buildings and many more thousands of autogen placed vegetation.

This is going to be MASSIVE, DETAILED and EXCITING!

Currently in beta, with no approximate release dates given.

…I think I can relax now.

You can find the full feature list over at the Orbx Forums.

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