Orbx Announces Innsbruck for X-Plane 11

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After 18 months of hard work, Orbx has unveiled an X-Plane rendition for what is probably their best scenery to date: Innsbruck (LOWI) airport. This airport, of course, needs no introduction. Orbx has previously released this airport for Prepar3D and Aerofly FS2 and the result of this was absolutely breathtaking. It’s one of our favourite and highest rated sceneries.

The airport has been developed by Jarrad Marshall, Vittorio Greco and Tony Wroblewski, who have put a lot of effort in making the X-Plane version of this airport, and the surrounding city, as detailed and as of high quality as possible. Just like with the P3D and Aerofly counterparts, not only is there an amazing airport for your to perform your flights at, there is an entire region for you to explore. The surrounding area of the airport is filled with custom objects and landmarks. And there are some extra heliports available throughout the area, if that’s your thing.

The airport will feature hand placed custom vegetation, animated and custom ground service vehicles, and the custom airline fleet that regularly visits Innsbruck (though I did spot some Air Berlin there..). It also features highly detailed ground imagery, custom bridge models, baked in ambient occlusion as well as baked in night lighting, and much more. All this has been done whilst taking performance in to account, and Orbx claims you should be able to use all your aircraft here without any issues. If Orbx’s Prepar3D version of this airport is anything to go by, we’re indeed not too worried about performance. An entire feature list can be found at the end of this post.



  • Ultra-detailed rendition of Innsbruck Airport
  • Extremely high definition ground polygon
  • Beautiful hand-coloured and cleaned ground textures at 30cm
  • Entirely customized GSE and static aircraft fleet unique to Innsbruck – don’t expect to see generic airside vehicles or unexpected aircraft types
  • Hand-crafted texture work incorporating special materials, baked ambient occlusion and baked night lighting
  • Custom vegetation, grass and non-airside detailing
  • Optimized for use with default and well-known AI programs
  • Animated GSE and static peopleflow
  • Carefully optimized for best balance between high performance and detail – very low texture loading for a scenery of this scope and detail.


  • One of the most detailed cities yet brought to X-Plane 11
  • 160 custom points of interest
  • Beautiful edited 60cm ground imagery
  • Major freeways and bridges custom modeled
  • Hand-placed custom vegetation
  • Stunning night lighting


  • Hat Tux/Aplin 5 Heliport (LOJT) – rescue heliport hidden deep in the valleys south-west of Innsbruck.
  • University Hospital (Uni Klinik) Heliport – rooftop hospital heliport in the heart of the city
  • Flight Rescue Centre OAMTC Heliport¬†– major Christophorus/Police heliport adjacent to the airport


  • An enormous 8200km2 of TrueEarth-style detail, encompassing the majority of the Austrian state of Tyrol and the southern reaches of the German state of Bavaria
  • Highly accurate building autogen using custom central European types
  • Beautiful vegetation autogen using the latest placement techniques and custom Orbx artwork
  • Expertly colourised and cleaned ortho at 1m resolution
  • Best-available high-definition elevation mesh sampled from 10m source, optimized for best balance between high fidelity and performance.
  • Complete detailed overlay – accurate roads, watermasking, rail, powerlines and other features you’d expect from a TrueEarth region
  • Expertly collated, hand-edited and compiled using proprietary Orbx technology
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