ORBX Announces Dubrovnik

Misha and Rasha have today announced the first major Eastern European ORXB airport for FTX Global.

Dubrovnik is easily able to handle multiple aircraft at any one time with the largest being the Boeing 757. It’s famous for its scenic approaches, beautiful mountains and the fact that popular TV show Game of Thrones films a whole lot here.

Rasha has done a spectacular job on his first project, and Misha has worked hard on ensuring some great, detailed coverage surrounding the airport.

– Over 100sq km of photoreal coverage in 60cm resolution

 Unique multi-elevation airport model

– Suitable for airliner operations

– New terminal currently under construction modelled

– FULL Dubrovnik cityscape included!

– Advanced AO baking techniques for realistic shadowing

– Custom vegetation at airport

– Large area surrounding the photoreal has been given custom landclass and vector roads and shorelines for the best experience

Only FTX Global required!

We imagine release will be soon.

Check out a small selection of screenshots after the jump, or for the full collection, see the source link below.


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