Orbx Announces Block Island (KBID)

Having personally just returned from a short, but sweet trip to the Big Apple, this is some rather pleasant news. Orbx have announced that they will be developing ‘Silver Tier’ product, Block Island States (KBID). This small airport off of Rhose and Long Island is sure to give you the chance to do some interessting hops in the Twin Otter.

With plenty of things to see whilst flying low and slow, you’re bound to see why Orbx have put in the effort to include such rich detail. In true Orbx style, the area will be covered in 35cm photoreal resoluion as well as a “HD rendition of KBID”. Thanks to the use of LIDAR data, we can expect some exceptional looking cliffs around the island, highlighitng the points of interest scattered around.

If that wasn’t enough, there’s also going to be a “lite” version of Westerly State Airport (KWST).

Block Island is going to be a standalone product when it’s released soon for 24.95AUD.

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