Orbx Announces Alderney Airport for Prepar3D and FSX

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Over on the Orbx Forums, Orbx’s John Venema announced Alderney Airport for both FSX and Prepar3D. Alderney Airport was the first airport built in the Channel Islands and is the closest Channel Island airport to the south coast of England and near the coast of France. In 2018, Alderney Airport serviced 53,343 passengers and logged a total of 8,981 aircraft movements. Currently, the only scheduled airline service to Alderney is Aurigny with service to Guernsey, Southampton.

Orbx will bring not only the Alderney Airport to life, but the entire island will be covered with 15cm ortho scenery and 1m elevation mesh. The coastlines and shores have been modeled extremely accurately with no detail going overlooked. All Type2 Autogen has been overhauled and optimized for the best performance possible, this allows the user to use max settings with unmatched performance. Animated wildlife and sounds on the island have been added and are optimized for higher efficiency. Alderney Airport was created by the team at Turbulent Aviation, a completely updated terminal has also been included thanks to the work of Russ White. The ground textures inside the fence have been hand-painted and are a crisp 7cm/pixel. Orbx has confirmed that other Channel Islands are in the works and are planned to release in 2020. A release date has not been given but Alderney is in late beta testing and will be released soon.


  • 15cm ortho imagery, 7cm inside the airport fence
  • 1m elevation mesh
  • Beautiful coastlines and shores including detailed water features
  • Custom UK autogen houses
  • Dozens of custom POI 3D models
  • Brand new airport modeled by Russ White
  • HD ground poly
  • Animated wildlife
  • Great Performance
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