Onfinal Studio Releases Esbjerg Airport for MSFS


Scenery developer Onfinal Studio releases Esbjerg Airport (EKEB), for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

Esbjerg Airport is located in western Denmark along the coast of the North Sea. Helicopters utilize the airport for transporting people and equipment to the North Sea oil platforms. Other passenger carriers that visit the airport are mainly a small regional carrier in Denmark DAT, as well as a daily flight from Aberdeen operated by Logan Air.

The rendition of Esbjerg is a complete re-do of the original scenery that the developer had released years ago. Everything along the airport boundaries has seen a delicate touch by the developer. The terminal, hangars, and 3D objects have been accurately placed. The vehicles are eyecatching for their great detail and airport signage on the control tower and terminal building have good resolution.


  • Detailed scenery with custom made buildings
  • Replica of all hangars within the airport borders
  • Custom animated radar tower
  • Night lighting and textures
  • Correct placed taxiways and runways

You can purchase Esbjerg Airport for Microsoft Flight Simulator from simMarket for $12.16 USD.

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