Okavango Delta for MSFS Released

SimWorks Studios has released a new add-on that will see you exploring untouched natural habitats on a virtual experience within Microsoft Flight Simulator. Located in southwest Africa, Okavango is full of wildlife, areas of natural beauty and a range of safari camps, which make for a scenic exploration pack within the simulator.

The product is more than just a standard scenery add-on as it includes custom airstrips, detailed campsites, multiple helipads, bush trips and over 12,000 animals throughout the area. In total, the package covers over 9200 square KM of an area within the simulator with hand-placed objects throughout. Okavango Delta for Microsoft Flight Simulator also includes a Safari Wings livery for the C208, making the experience even more authentic as you go on a safari trail across the wetlands.

You can buy SimWorks Studios’ Okavango Delta for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from their website for €22.99.


  • 9200 sq. km of scenery with hand-placed wetlands and objects
  • More than 12000 animals spread around the area
  • Nine custom airstrips
  • Six camps modelled in very high detail with building interiors: Abu, Nxabega, Xigera, Chief’s camp, Mombo, Guma
  • Many smaller camps and tour groups
  • Multiple helipads scattered around the delta
  • A repaint of the C208 in the imaginary “Safari Wings” livery
  • Two bush trips to fly around the delta
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