Nvidia Driver 381.65 VAS Issues

Thanks to Rob McCarthy over on the P3D forums we have gathered some information regarding P3D’s compatibility with Nvidia’s latest drivers, 381.65. P3D and Nvidia drivers are a tricky combination sometimes. Most commonly due to the inherint VAS leaks that they so often drag along with them. The latest seems to be no exception.

According to Rob, a test was performed where P3D was left running for three days in the default scenario. A loss of 300mb was seen without any intervention. Although not a huge amount in the grand scheme of things. That 300mb could be the difference between running out of memory or not.

My personal recommendation for P3D is 376.33. Although old drivers I saw a drastic improvement in my VAS after beginning to use these drivers. Most Nvidia graphic cards support this driver so if you haven’t already I can’t recommend them anymore highly.

If anything new arises regarding these drivers we will try our best to make you aware of it.