Next Level Racing Releases Flight Simulator Lite

Hardware developer Next Level Racing has released its latest flight simulation related product, Flight Simulator Lite. The new hardware represents the first foldable flight cockpit which is ideal for those with limited space but demands a solution to have all their flight controls on a stable platform.

Flight Simulator Lite by Next Level Racing suits both commercial and combat flight simulator users and is compatible with a wide range of yokes, joysticks, rudder pedals and more from major players in the market. Set-up is simple with pre-drilled holes and various attachment pieces for whatever your needs may be. The adjustment hubs throughout mean that the product is durable and rigid and can withstand 150kg of force to ensure the product doesn’t move when in use.

Described as an “all in one” solution, the Flight Simulator Lite enables users to adjust the height and distance of various controls to suit a wide range of people and their individual needs. Not only can the Flight Simulator Lite host flight simulation products from brands such as Honeycomb, Thrustmaster and Saitek, the product also can be used as a racing set-up. The full feature list is down below.


You can buy Next Level Racing’s Flight Simulator Lite now from various retailers around the world for £249 (local currency may vary). You can read more about the product and also see which local retailer sells the product on the official product page.


  • Compact foldable flight cockpit for easy storage and setup
  • Compatible with flight electronics such as yokes, rudders, joystick, and throttles for all major brands
  • Wide range of height and distance adjustments
  • Adjustments to enhance the flight experience
  • Includes Keyboard and Mouse support for easy navigation. Keyboard support can be used when the yoke is not being used or attached.
  • High-quality breathable fabric and foam padding to maximize comfort allowing for longer flight sessions
  • Pre-drilled and compatible with all major racing electronics to also be used as a racing simulator cockpit.
  • Compatible with Thrustmaster® / Logitech / Saitek® / Honeycomb® (Flight Yoke)
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