New TFDi Design MD-11 Renders

Tfdi Design Md 11 P3d (2)

After TFDi Design’s announcement the other week, people are very excited for the MD-11. Whilst the aircraft is still very far off from release, a brief presentation shared by TFDi Design revealed some brand new renders for the upcoming aircraft.

The new renders are from an external standpoint.

As from their past announcement, the team at TFDi Design said after learning from their experiences with the Boeing 717, they are aiming “to create an even deeper, richer, and more realistic simulation on the MD-11.” 

If you are interested in getting involved, TFDi is doing something similar to what they did with the 717. If you have documents, videos, photos, sound clips, data, or even personal experience, you can submit those here. The team has said that the more reference material they have, the better. This will help create the MD-11 into the best possible product it can be. These are some of the items the team is interested in.

  • Aircraft reference documents (FCOM, FCTM, etc.)
  • Any aircraft photos (even of the most obscure items)
  • Sound clips (such as aural warnings, unique flight deck sounds, etc.)
  • Videos
  • Engine data (such as EPR charts/tables, fuel flow data, etc.)

TrueGlass – New Goodies Inbound

According to the same powerpoint presentation, TFDi Design said to keep an eye on social media as they will be adding something new to TrueGlass in the near future.

Finally, as a reminder, they recently updated PACX to a new version, all the details you can read here.




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